Partner Program provides a bridal registry service to Brides and Grooms that allows them to register their entire honeymoon online. Through a honeymoon registry, guests can purchase any of the honeymoon experiences or even a portion of their trip for the couple as a wedding gift.

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How the Honeymoon Bridal Registry works:

How does our Free Partner Program work?

What are the benefits?

Optional Private Label Registry

For a small one time fee, we will create a Private Label site for you (our website with your name and logo on it) instead of just sending you the free designated link. Your clients will be impressed by you having your very own honeymoon registry and they will tell their friends and family that they are registered with "".

Your Private Label site will have a button on the home page that links right back to your travel booking site. All the wedding guests will be exposed to your travel booking site when they come to visit the wedding couples registry, wedding website, photo album or blog! This is the perfect way to market your agency to the guests of the wedding.

We are the travel industry's leading registry provider, see who uses us here.

Custom private label site

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